I like the word beautiful. I think when you use it to describe a woman it just means they look amazing, breath-taking even. But it seems creepy if you use it on a stranger though, heh.

Then there is cute. I think it’s a good thing. It doesn’t mean you think someone looks 10 years old or whatever. It means they have a look that makes you want to embrace them etc.

Then pretty… Its a nice word. It just feels sort of average and a bit generic. “ah… shes pretty.” Its what you say when you dont know if you should say beautiful.

What is “amazing” anyways?! I mean… It works, I use it sometimes… But a Car looks amazing. A sandwich can even look amazing.. hmmm.

OVERTHINKING SOMETIMES? Welcome to my bored mind people.

"Oh that is cute. Im talking about your breasts; they always get perky when youre being painfully earnest"
- Dr. Greggory House.