That cool new band: Oh, we're nothing like any other bands out there
    That other cool new band: Oh, we're nothing like any other bands out there
    That other cool new band: On, We're nothing like any other bands out there
    That other cool new band: On, We're nothing like any other bands out there
    That other cool new band: On, We're nothing like any other bands out there
    That other cool new band: On, We're nothing like any other bands out there

I am so sick of seeing people sending messages to “tumblr famous” people asking ridiculous questions.
"Can you do this if you’re blah blah?"
Do you know what, these are normal people who just happen to have a blog that a lot of people view.

Some of you fucking idiots really frustrate me.

… there are quite a lot of hilarious/ cute/ hot images. There are some funny stories, some interesting stories people post, and it’s interesting to socialise with people from totally different environments.

But some people genuinely confuse me. I’ve just seen a message sent to someone “Tumblr famous” asking how they make friends. I’ve seen messages from people asking how to wear certain clothes, how to talk to people…

SERIOUSLY? What the FUCK is wrong with you people? Do you actually live in the real world? You’re aware these “tumblr famous” people are just normal 16 year old kids, or people the same age as you, not some all knowing creatures.

GO OUT AND LIVE YOUR LIVES, FIND OUT HOW TO DO THINGS. Don’t rely on tumblr for LITERALLY EVERYTHING in your fucking lives.

Keep your poorly worded rants about nothing off of my Facebook newsfeed…
I don’t care if, “u cnt beleive it’s bin a year since we did ths. i remmember wen we did dis, it woz so gd lol. gd tyms.” FUCK OFF.

You all need to re-evaluate your lives, you pricks. It’s essentially prostitution. Shallow bitches that have found a way to exploit idiotic/weak men…
They all think they’re so powerful, or incredible examples of women because they’ve found some new way to make cash…?
A) Get a real job, you fools
B) It’s not new… Prostitution is one of the oldest professions going
C) Well, weren’t you raised well

I have one of the best collection (in many peoples opinions) of female vocalists on my iPod… None of them the stereotypical/ usual sounding singers, so I understand quirky, out there, soul-filled voices or what have you… But Lana Del Rey, in my opinion, has an ugly, ugly voice.
Give me some Sia or Beth Gibbons anytime.

Some of you really piss me the fuck off.
You smoke weed, and listen to what YOU call “hip hop” - I.e. Nicki minaj and Drake? Fuck off bell ends.
This makes you as thug as a 14 year old school girl.

I don’t claim to be thug, I don’t particularly want to be, but fuck, kids, can we grow up now?

People who can’t grow beards, but try anyway.
I know it’s so pointless, and insanely petty, but CHRIST. Just shave, you moron. It looks like someones stuck some cotton wool to your face…
That and… the “I have a moustache, and a sort of beard… Because the two can’t connect when I grow my bumfluff.”

Is it just me that gets pissed off over this for no reason? haha.

I noticed it just now talking to a friend… She said something, and I replied with some sarcastic reply, and she asked how I come up with things so fast, and I sort of went through the thought process I take before I say things…

"Ok… What could I say here…. ah, there are tons of replies, ok, if I choose each of these, how will they reply? Ok! Right… and the replies to that would be…? ALRIGHT! With that information, I guess I choose reply number 3!"

It all just happens automatically… She seemed confused.. Surely, it isn’t just me? It really is quite anal.

Now, I don’t mind helping people, and I Never go to people for help if I’m down. I’ve always just bottled it or dealt myself and its been quite bad lately, but I mean if someone asks how you are, and you say, “ah I feel quite shit in fairness” and they reply with, “oohh… So what the hell, my boyfriend——” Get a grip motherfucker.

Shit should go both ways right?
Life Lesson: Most people don’t give a fuck.

I know that I reblog a lot of ass and boobs… heh… BUT I enjoy the blogs with some actual content on there. It just confuses me when someones posts a “pretty picture” and gets 1000 followers haha.

Here’s me trying to give people an interesting blog :P

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That and… Tax. Yes, we need to be taxed to fund things such as the education system, the NHS blady blah blah… But have you ever considered if you took the £20 million here, the other £9 million there and invested it back into the country instead of glorifying a game… It just makes no sense to me.
Yes, I get that it will bring money back into the system through tourism (people coming to see games) and people spending at the matches… but then all of that will be taxed, because we can’t afford to run our country… IT MAKES ZERO SENSE. Give them an average wage, if anyone deserves a pay rise it’s doctors etc…. ARGH THE RAGE.
And don’t get me started on movie stars…

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