What the fuck is with all the incest porn shit on Tumblr? It’s just ridiculous. I understand some fetishes, I might not share them or what have you, but I get them. I’m a very open minded man.
But incest? Paint it however you’d like, message to call me ignorant if you must, but it’s just fucked up…

I’m not fussed what with! Messages, asks, submissions.
Hit me!

If you refer to yourself as being “crazy” or “hardcore” odds are I will not like you.

*Has dyed hair and a tiny flower tattoo on wrist*

No. Stop it. Stop it, now.

If I have to read one more fucking time about how being a heterosexual white Male is some horrid, joke worthy, or disgusting thing, I’m going to lose my mind.
Fucking ridiculous.

There are people blogging on here that were born in ‘98?
The fuck…

Why the fuck does Tumblr turn every celebrity male/ fictional male relationship into a homosexual one?

Oh yeah, you all want the D.

Oh, the lack of messages on this site.

So, now you people have your “Wish lists” on here, and people buy you shit? Just because you have a fucking blog?

So. Fucking. Sad.
First the loser buying you shit. Seriously, people, what’s fucking wrong with you?
Second, you. It’s just fucking pathetic.

And I saw people’s descriptions… “born in ‘97”

Fuck. I feel old now.